The Holy Monastery of Rousanou is located at the Holy Meteora location, near the western road leading from Kalabaka and Kastraki to the monasteries of Meteora. It is built on a vertical cliff about a hundred meters high. The entire plateau top is covered by the building complex, which seems like a natural expansion of the rock, blending with the surrounding environment into a harmonious whole.

It stands in the middle of the stone forest of Meteora with its monasteries. Right across and to the north is the monastery of Varlaam and behind it the monastery of Great Meteoro. To the northwest, the monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas while to the southeast the monastery of Holy Trinity and further away the St. Stephen.

Visitors can gaze from the balcony at the ruined monasteries of Pantocrator, Prodromos and Hagia Moni.

As shown in a scetch of the monastery, designed by Ukrainian monk Vasily Grigorevich Barskiy (Василий Григорович Барский) who visited in 1745, the ascension was done by using the net or ladders. In 1868, the abbot Gideon built a wooden bridge, for easier and safer access, while in 1930, with a donation of Dafni Buka from Kastraki, under Metropolitan of Trikki and Stagoi Polycarpos, concrete steps where manufactured along with two small bridges.


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